Daily Guided Tours

Daily, Tuesday through Sunday, at 1:00 p.m. Additional tours at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Ames Family Atrium

There’s nothing better than tagging along on a public tour to learn new perspectives and hear great storytelling about the works in our collections. Tours depart from the information desk in the Ames Family Atrium. Free; no reservation required.

Date   Title   Docent Name
Tue/Jan 1   Museum closed. Happy New Year!    
Wed/Jan 2   TBD   Carol Wertheim
Thu/Jan 3   The Art of Buddhism   Elaine Hopkins
Fri/Jan 4, 11:00   TBD   Carol Wertheim
Fri/Jan 4, 1:00   Charles Burchfield   Anne Adamson
Sat/Jan 5   Time for Winter   Judith Spencer
Sun/Jan 6   Grin and Bear It   Maya Hercbergs
Tue/Jan 8, 11:00   Valois/Medici Connections   Margie Moskovitz
Tue/Jan 8, 1:00   Highlights   Gwendolyn Johnson
Wed/Jan 9   Moon Landing   Beth Desberg
Thu/Jan 10   Highlights   Cathy Keith
Fri/Jan 11, 11:00   Highlights   Joan Kohn
Fri/Jan 11, 1:00   Highlights   Cathy Keith
Sat/Jan 12   Highlights   Bill Ott
Sun/Jan 13   Highlights   Bill Peck
Tue/Jan 15, 11:00   Determined Women   Elaine Hopkins
Tue/Jan 15, 1:00   Art in Focus   Mike Kaplan
Wed/Jan 16   Love, Joy, Sorrow: Emotions in Art   Jon Reisman
Thu/Jan 17   Art of Exile and Refuge   Laura Martin
Fri/Jan 18, 11:00   Highlights   Barbara Lurie
Fri/Jan 18, 1:00   Highlights   Joan Kohn
Sat/Jan 19   Highlights   Pete Dobbins
Sun/Jan 20   Highlights   Gwendolyn Johnson
Tue/Jan 22, 11:00   American Art   Nancy Persell
Tue/Jan 22, 1:00   American Experience   Bill Peck
Wed/Jan 23   Highlights   Beth Desberg
Thu/Jan 24   Highlights   Pat Simpfendorfer
Fri/Jan 25, 11:00   Highlights   Joan Kohn
Fri/Jan 25, 1:00   Highlights   Bill Ott
Sat/Jan 26   Art in Focus: Egypt   Bob Walcott
Sun/Jan 27   Highlights   Pete Dobbins
Tue/Jan 29, 11:00   Art in Focus: Egypt   Bob Walcott
Tue/Jan 29, 1:00   Art in Focus   Mike Kaplan
Wed/Jan 30   Highlights   Joan Kohn
Thu/Jan 31   The Original “Selfie”   Susan Manross