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    Get drawn in. Immerse yourself in the genius of Michelangelo’s creative process.

    "In essence, the show enables you to watch the Italian High Renaissance unfold from the early to middle decades of the 16th century through studies by one of the greatest artists who ever lived for some of the most famous and universally admired artworks in existence." via The Plain Dealer

  • special exhibition


    “One of Europe’s Fastest-Rising Stars” — Kate Brown, artnet

    Artist Emeka Ogboh integrates sound, sculpture, and textiles in the first commissioned artwork for the Ames Family Atrium. Ogboh compares the museum’s atrium to the ámà — or village square — the physical and cultural center of Igbo life in southeast Nigeria, where he was born.

  • news release

    "'Eclectic' is an understatement. More than just diverse, the next Performing Arts Series at the Cleveland Museum of Art is universal, a miniature of the whole musical world." via the Plain Dealer.

  • ARTLENS Exhibition

    NEW INSTALLATION: Artlens Exhibition. Explore the new theme: “What can art be?”


    Engage and connect with 21 new artworks from across the CMA’s collection through new technology including gesture-based 3D artwork models, the ability to scan all artworks for more information through Artlens App, and new visitor-generated content on the digital beacon. Read the blog to learn more.